Karen Shek

Hi! My name is Karen Shek and I am a Biological Sciences major (conc. Human Nutrition) and minoring in Psychology in the Class of 2019. I’m from New York City. Unlike many of my other biology majors, I am actually not pre-med, but am rather more interested in public health because I want to empower people through knowledge about their health. I heard about the ECC lab through a wonderful fellow lab member, and decided to join because I’ve worked with young children in a variety of educational programs, but I wish to learn more about how their cognition “blooms.” So far, I’ve been involved in two projects; Choice Storytelling and Social Mindfulness, and I look forward to learning more about choice! A fun fact about me would be that I have a nine year-old yellow teddy bear named ‘Cream Cheese,’ and I still adore it! Perhaps, that’s why I get along with children so well!